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DVD+RDL Disks 25-pack

DVD+RDL Disks 25-pack
DVD+RDL Disks 25-pack
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DVD+RDL Disks 25-pack

25-packs, sealed in factory shrink-wrap of Ridata 8x or office depot 2.4x, your choice, double-layer DVD+R disks, new in original wrapping. Total capacity 8152 megs, which is just over 7.96 gigs. Complete information in main web store. There are currently 3 25-packs of Ridata 8x and 3 25-packs of office depot 2.4x disks left in stock. Make sure which kind your DVD burner is compatible with. If it is an older drive, it may need the 2.4x disks, as it will turn the 8x disks into coasters since they won't work at ALL at 2.4x, and if it is a newer drive, it may need the 8x disks as it will turn the 2.4x disks into coasters because it will try to write to them at 2.0x, so check your burner's specifications!

The part number 721-208 refers only to the office depot 2.4x disks, which are what you see in the picture. They are more expensive because they are now a much rarer item - you will have a very hard time finding disks compatible with your drive if you have an older one, and these are what you need. Currently there is only one spindle of 25 721-208 disks left, and 3 spindles of the 8x Ridata disks. Please keep this in mind when placing this order so you don't order more than the remaining disks available.

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