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PIC16C54 microcontroller dial-type clock

PIC16C54 microcontroller dial-type clock
PIC16C54 microcontroller dial-type clock
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Microcontroller clock kit.

Microcontroller clock kit. Be sure to tell us whether you want the chip to be DIP or SOIC, and whether you prefer to have one LED for AM and one LED for PM, so that any given time one of them will be lit, or just one LED for PM. The chips themselves are programmed differently for the presence or absence of that LED so you must decide beforehand. Please provide these preferences in the comment field provided at checkout. Contents are 90 LEDs, one programmed microcontroller, one 4-MHz crystal, 13 resistors, 2 capacitors for use with the crystal, an electrolytic capacitor, a 5-volt voltage regulator, a NPN transistor, 2 diodes, one miniature speaker, 2 pushbutton switches and a copy of the wiring diagram, which is also here:

A demonstration of this clock can be seen here (make sure you have popups blocked so that you don't load something nasty - mediafire may be reputable, but they have no control over the ads that actually come up):

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