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Extra Large Queen's Square Reflex Percussor

Extra Large Queen's Square Reflex Percussor
Extra Large Queen's Square Reflex Percussor
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Ultra Queen's Square - Larger in every dimension

Every dimension has been scaled up by a factor of 1.5 - with the exception of the handle, which is 16 inches long instead of 18. The head is 3 inches in diameter, the handle is half an inch wide. Keep in mind that if you make something 1.5 times taller, 1.5 times wider and 1.5 times thicker, it will be 3.375 times as heavy, so you might be surprised at this large tendon hammer. Still the same never age bumper, the same soft clear guard that comes on the point on the end of the handle. It is an excellent knee hammer, and nothing like it is sold by anyone else, anywhere else.

8.8 ounces, 16 inches long tendon hammer, our upscaled model - $41.99

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