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Neuro-Quinti - with C128hz Tuning Fork

Neuro-Quinti -  with C128hz Tuning Fork
Neuro-Quinti -  with C128hz Tuning Fork
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HAMMER: Tuning fork, Buck hammer, Pin, Brush, Pinwheel

MADE IN AMERICA & THE BEST IN   THE WORLD! Others charge almost twice as much.

This NeuroQuinti Five-in-One has a Buck-type reflex hammer,  with a C128hz Tuning Fork (also available with C-256Hz ) built in. The fork is hand tuned, weighted and has rounded ends to protect your hands and your medical bag. There is also a neuro-pinwheel, a brush, and a pin in one convenient instrument.  Aluminum alloy cannot rust. The C-128 weighted fork is used for vibration testing only, it is 25 cm in length, weighs 141.7 gm. 

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