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Sprague-Rappaport Stethoscope - Complete

Sprague-Rappaport Stethoscope - Complete
Sprague-Rappaport Stethoscope - Complete
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S-R Design complete stethoscope

The original Sprague-Rappaport stethoscope was developed using a wide range of data collected by Drs. Sprague and Rappaport. They perceived the best length of tubing, size bore, size of tubing wall, shape of binaural, etc. and published their data. In the early 1950s this data went into the production of a stethoscope now off its patent with H-P and being manufactured all over the world. In 1971 the H-P sold for less than $50. Recently on Ebay we saw it for $2950. The following S-R has the same 5 chestpiece fittings that can be attached any 2 at a time: adult, pediatric and neonatal size bells and adult plus pediatric diaphragm assemblies. There is an accessory pouch that also contains an extra set of diaphragm discs and 2 different styles of ear pieces (soft rubber mushroom and regular hard). Soft clear ear pieces are on the headset, unlike in the picture. The stethoscope has chromed bezels, chestpiece and binaurals. The tubing is 22" long and can be cut to the length you desire.  Choose tubing in red-orange or light blue. Nobody will steal your scope if it is one of those two colors. (Send us an email to see if other colors are available). Latex free. Instructions included - instructions also available on our webpage please see. Instructions included.

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