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Teaching Stethoscope - SR Style

Teaching Stethoscope - SR Style
Teaching Stethoscope - SR Style
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Heavyweight Sprague-Rappaport head, binaurals, tubing

A Sprague-Rappaport is a type of stethoscope. A Teaching Sprague is a stethoscope with 2 Heavyweight binaurals and one head so teacher and student can each hear the same sounds and the same time. The teacher identifies the sounds and the student learns from the teacher. These stethoscopes are available in a variety of colors but we cannot guarantee you will get all the same color. Color examples are black, gray, purple and lavender. This is a tool for learning, not a fashion statement. Also included are  mushroom, hard and clear earpieces as all ears are not shaped the same. Some people hear better using one type ear piece and some hear better with another. An accessory pouch holds the extra bells:  adult, pediatric and neonatal. Generally you will receive the teaching 'scope with the adult and pediatric diaphragm assemblies on it. Any 2 accessories can be used at a time. Spare diaphragm discs, extra tubing clips hold 2 tubings silent. Instructions included - instructions also available on our webpage please see.

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