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Scalpel Blades - Box Size 11 Carbon Steel

Scalpel Blades - Box Size 11 Carbon Steel
Scalpel Blades - Box Size 11 Carbon Steel
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Carbon Steel size 11, individually wrapped and steriled

Foil wrapped carbon steel gamma sterilized -- Blades are packed 100 in a box, and cases contain 10 boxes. The difference between the composition of carbon steel and stainless steel is that carbon steel is an alloy of about 99.5% iron, 5% carbon - so almost pure iron, but stainless steel is about 2 parts iron for 1 part chromium. Carbon steel is generally harder and stronger but less corrosion-resistant. ($133.00/case sold separately).

This size fits #3 handle. Other sizes for #3 handle available: 10, 12, 15

Blades sized 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25  fit a #4 handle

Handles sold separately. See Surgical Index. Stainless steel blades also available by box, case and sometimes by the piece.

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