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Forceps Bozeman Clamping SS 10 inch straight

Forceps Bozeman Clamping SS 10 inch straight
Forceps Bozeman Clamping SS 10 inch straight
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SS Bozeman 10 inch clamping forceps straight

Large clamping forceps -- sometimes called hemostatic -- has serrations only down the first 2 inches. This Bozeman is 10", stainless steel. We stock the straight version so if you order now you will get straight unless you can wait several weeks and wish to order a minimum of 6 pieces. Send us an email regarding order of curved Bozeman. This is a great tool for getting a piece of paper from behind or inside a tight spot. We sell many to banks, accountants and the IRS to retrieve documents that fell into cracks or behind loose boards. Special orders generally take a minimum of 2 weeks and must be prepaid. Extremely fine quality and positively massive forceps.

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